Class outline

From Gulf Wars 16 (March 2007)

I. Introduction

A. Class Overview

B. Brief history

II. Key Principles

A. Establish control

B. Maintain control

C. Kill opponent

III. Basics

A. Footwork

B. Wards (in proper sequence)

  1. Underarm
  2. Right shoulder
  3. Left shoulder
  4. Nebenhut / tail guard
  5. Vom tag
  6. Pflug
  7. Long point

IV. Techniques

A. Underarm vs. half shield

  1. Underarm steps offline to the left, on a pass with the left foot.
  2. Strikes unterhau. The strong catches Half-shield's blade on the weak, and the weak strikes Half-shield's head.
  3. Buckler guards swordhand and head

  4. Half-shield slightly turns and binds swords (Half-shield's strong on Underarm's weak)
  5. Half-shield passes in on left foot, striking with the buckler
  6. Retract sword to thrust or strike with a rising false edge

  7. Upon step 4, Underarm turns the sword hilt up, letting Half-shield strike down the point.
  8. With head and body warded by the sword, withdraw the buckler and push it forward under the sword and swordhand. Strike and bind Half-shield with the buckler.
  9. Strike with the now-freed sword.

B. Right shoulder vs. half shield

  1. Right Shoulder steps offline to the right on a pass with the right foot.
  2. Strikes oberhau.

  3. Half-Shield binds swords on the weak. Yields to the right.
  4. Buckler comes up to bind Right Shoulder's sword, also pushing it to Half-shield's right.
  5. Half-Shield's sword withdraws to thrust from Pflug, or comes around to strike from Right Shoulder.

  6. On step 4, Right Shoulder intercepts Half-Shield's buckler with his own buckler.
  7. Right Shoulder's sword and wrist cut over the buckler hand. Buckler passes underneath the sword and forward to bind. Sword strikes unterhau or oberhau from Left Shoulder (fastest), or comes around behind the head to strike oberhau again from Right Shoulder.

C. Grapple and throw