Funny, but it turns out most of my friends don't have current web pages up that I can find. I ascribe it to a combination of being too busy and not sufficiently hip. If you think you should be on here, let me know -- nuts @

Leo Yamamoto - Funny how you can be so savvy, and yet your own most representative web presence is someone else's.

Andrea Lubawy - She slices, she dices, she mechanizes. I must admit that she looks pretty good on stage, too.

Stefan Erickson - Mad math and spiritual transcendance, all in one go.

P. Britton Gregory - He may be a clueless goober, but he's a such a nice goober!

Liz Bak-- er, Gregory - This is gonna take some getting used to...

Doug and Teresa - It's the Haunsperger clan, Next-Generation style!

Stanton Champion - Pontificator extraordinaire. He's like beef jerky for the brain (Stanton's gonna kill me when he reads this).